Municipal Office
Nr. 57
273 75, TREBIZ
Czech Republic, Europe
+420 314 314 457

From the history of the village

Třebíz před r. 1890 The first historical record is dated 1318. In 1415 the stronghold with white tower of arenaceous marl is mentioned hence the German name Weissturm. The Czech name is derived from the personal name Trebid, i.e. Trebid´s yard. Since 1541 the village was owned by Saint Vitus´s chapter house. The information about the advancement of the village can be found in Stable land register.
Children from Trebiz attend the school in Kvilice where the parish trivial school was founded in 1791. Church was also only in Kvílice until 1754 when the St. Martin´s chappel was built in Trebiz.
The old Lipska (Leipzig) road also had very important role in the development of the village.

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