Municipal Office
Nr. 57
273 75, TREBIZ
Czech Republic, Europe
+420 314 314 457

Historical landmarks

Many of the buildings in Trebiz are registered on the list of protected historical landmarks: St. Martin´s chappel built in 1754, the Holy trinity´s chapelle from 18th century, the monument of V.B. Trebizsky and buildings which are part of the museum. 
The centre of the village with a rectangle shaped village square is uniquely preserved urban complex and that is why it was pronounced the protected historical in 1995 via the order of the government number 127.



Village Plan




  1. The Cifka's farm (No. 1)
  2. The native house of the writer V.B. Trebizsky
  3. The village shop (No. 4)
  4. Trinity chapel with public fountain
  5. St. Martin church
  6. The monument of V.B. Trebizsky
  7. The Subert's farm (No. 2) 
  8. The wooden belfry 
  9. The farmer's retreat (No. 63) 
  10. Pieta, relief in sandstone 
  11. The shoemaker's workshop (No. 64)




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